Digtal Printing

Now today there are multiple modern printing methods such as laser and ink-jet printing are known as digital printing. In digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files from graphics software such as Illustrator, Corel etc. This eliminates the need for a printing plate, which is used in offset printing, which can save money and time. Digital methods are being worked on at a fast rate to improve quality and lower costs.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is also called as offset lithography which is a method of mass-production printing in which the images on metal plates are transferred (offset) to rubber blankets or rollers and then to the print media. Which is effectively used on rough-surfaced media such as canvas, cloth or wood. Offset lithography, the most commonly used printing process, and detail the three production steps: pre-press, press run and bindery. The main advantage of offset printing is its high and consistent image quality. The process can be used for small, medium or high-volume jobs. Offset printing still often results in slightly better quality prints.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is also called as silk screening which is a printing technique particularly suited for flat or relatively flat surfaces. The heart of the process involves a fine mesh or screen that is tightly stretched around a rigid frame. The areas that are not to be printed are masked out on the screen, and to create the print, the framed screen is positioned over the item to be printed, along with a dollop of thick ink. A squeegee is then used to press the ink through the screen. The masked areas prevent ink from passing through, but the unmasked areas allow the ink to be imprinted on the material. The item is then sent on a conveyor belt through a heat-tunnel. This curing process ensures that the inks dry quickly so that they materials can be stacked or packaged. Properly cured inks will remain on the printed substrate even under harsh conditions. Fully automatic screen-printers are available today that do not require any manual labor other than set-up and loading/unloading.

T-shirt Printing

T shirt screen printing is a technique which is used to create the T-shirt designs. Computers and printers are used to print the image onto a clear overlay such as acetate or tracing paper. The style of printing should be similar to a negative where the areas to be filled in with ink are opaque. It is important that light should pass through.

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